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The Act of Mandatory testing of school-going learners is a violation of their rights

On April 22nd, 2024, Women With A Mission (WWM), Wafula David, and Auma Anjera (represented by Wafula David as their Next Friend) filed an application in the High Court of Tororo, through Springs Public Interest Hub, filed a strategic impact litigation case challenging the human rights violations of mandatory pregnancy testing and the expulsion of pregnant girls from school.

This case is against the school administration whose nurse conducts mandatory pregnancy testing on all the girls and this is done through a pelvic examination by pressing the girls’ lower abdomen to ascertain whether they are pregnant or not which is very painful and also causes physical discomfort.

This will be the first case in Uganda to determine the scope and application of compulsory pregnancy testing and expulsion of pregnant girls. The case addresses the critical issue of providing access to education for pregnant girls and protecting them from forced mandatory pregnancy testing to ensure social justice for school-going girls.

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