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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word ‘Afya na Haki’ mean?

‘Afya na Haki’ is a Swahili word meaning Health and Justice

What do you do at Afya na Haki?

At Afya na Haki, we do research and advocacy capacity enhancement in the areas of health, human rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Read more about us here.

Are lawyers the only ones qualified to work at Afya na Haki?


Is Afya na Haki an NGO?

Afya na Haki is a Non-profit Organisation and not an NGO.

What is Africentrism?

What does a research and training institute do?

What is Ahaki’s target market/ clients?

Where are you located?

What is Ahaki’s niche?

What are Ahaki’s focus areas?

What services does Ahaki offer?

In which countries does Ahaki work?

What is the difference between Africentrism and Afrocentrism?

What are Ahaki’s key areas of intervention?

What products has Ahaki released so far?

What is the difference between Ahaki and CEHURD?


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