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Consultancy Services

 Ahaki has invested in a robust infrastructure and a team of seasoned experts that undertakes a variety of consultancy services that include;

  • Researches in the fields of health, human rights and SRHR
  • Legal and policy analysis on health, human rights and SRHR
  • Capacity enhancement in health policy advocacy, health program management, grants writing and proposal development among others
  • Organisational development support including development of policies and strategies among others
Consultancies Undertaken;
The Somaliland Mental Health Legislation rsz_somaliland_flag

Somaliland engaged Afya na Haki in the development of its Mental Health Legislation, emphasizing a commitment to addressing the mental health needs of its population while upholding human rights and dignity. This legislation reflects the country's recognition of the enduring challenges faced post-conflict, including the emotional and psychological trauma experienced by its citizens. The legislation represents a comprehensive legal framework that not only acknowledges the importance of mental well-being but also aims to bridge the longstanding gap in mental health care services.

Central to this legislation is a strong focus on safeguarding the rights of individuals living with mental health conditions. It enshrines critical provisions, such as ensuring the right to privacy, confidentiality, and protection against discrimination. Emphasizing community-based care, the legislation strives to make mental health services accessible, and religiously sensitive. It mandates the establishment of mental health facilities and the training of mental health professionals, addressing the pressing shortage of such resources in Somaliland.

With the collective commitment of governmental authorities, healthcare providers, and civil society organizations, Somaliland is poised to make substantial advancements in enhancing mental health services, respecting human rights, and promoting the overall well-being of its citizens.