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By the Alumni of Cohort 5 of the short course on Advocacy for Reproductive Justice in Africa

In systems built on power and control,
Patriarchy’s grasp, a harmful hold,
Restricts choices, bodies confined,
Reproductive justice, a distant find.
Economic chains, a heavy weight,
Disempowerment, a constant fate,
Limits access, a privileged few,
Healthcare and rights, a distant view.
Race, class, gender, sexuality,
Intersections, a complexity,
Compounding barriers, a maze to navigate,
Justice a dream, a distant create.
Women of color, a struggle real,
Historical trauma, a painful reveal,
Forced sterilization, a violent past,
Reproductive coercion, a present to forecast.
Bodily autonomy, a right to reclaim,
From gender norms to reproductive choice,
Freedom to decide, a hard-won voice.
Disability and access, a critical test,
Inclusive care, a rare find, a true quest,
Rural and urban, a divide to bridge,
Healthcare for all, a collective pledge.
Patriarchy and economics, a web to untangle,
Reproductive justice, a human right to dismantle,
Empowerment through education and access,
A future where all bodies can thrive with finesse

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